To spark a million new connections with 50,000 Aussie street parties.

The Great Aussie Street Party is a weekend of celebration. A movement to foster relationships and connectivity between neighbours over a street party you host for your community.


As our community looks to emerge from the trauma and disruption caused by the recent pandemic, social issues such as isolation, racism, loneliness and mental illness are more prevalent than ever. The bushfires and the global pandemic proved the resilience of Australian communities, yet most people still don’t know their neighbours.

With your help, we hope to reestablish our sense of community one street at a time. Because we believe in the power of kindness and reciprocity in developing a vibrant and sustainable society that can emerge out of this pandemic stronger. 

Here’s to a future where there’s no more awkward ‘hello’s.

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We are passionate about building meaningful relationships with businesses and organisations that align with our goal of creating stronger communities.

A street party is a fun way to bring your neighbours together. From barbecue, picnic or potluck gathering, let’s work together to spark a million new connections.

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